Welcome to the Outcasts Wartune Wiki

Outcasts a Social Wartune Guild. We are bound by rejection! Social, Helpfull and Nice.


Founded by NuttyZeroOne late after server 277 started.

Supported by Zidane, KATYoHADNED, Nerrisa and Alanya we gained huge amounts of territory.

With only a max of 25 members we were able to gain in on the big guilds with atleast 100 members.

So we, 'Outcasts' managed to go up to rank 3 of all guilds in Level and in Strength.

How ever, after a server merge we went down to 14th place in Level and 12th place in strength.

And only have 22 members left.

We can still get back in to the top 5 but we have to merge with other guilds.

We will NEVER sees to excist, so no use in asking us to merge with other guilds, they may merge with us!

Latest activity

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